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Backer Immersion Heaters
Backer Backersafe Immersion Heater Unvented
Backersafe Immersion Heater Unvented
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Backersafe Immersion Heaters are manufactured to the latest legislation of BSEN60335-2-73. Two specific clauses within this specification are aimed at eliminating the risk of boiling water. The most significant requirement is that the immersion heater be isolated from the mains supply should the primary thermostat fail with the contacts closed which would allow the water to reach a temperature in excess of 85 degrees centigrade.


Some suppliers have chosen to fit a new high cost type of thermostat which looks identical to existing thermostats but which incorporates a secondary temperature sensing device and a second set of contacts all contained withinone thermostat. The major disadvantages with this system is that the double protected thermostat can be replaced with a standard thermostat which looks almost identical but which would remove the additional safety protection and render the system unsafe.


The Backer solution is to use the 'BACKERSAFE' system which continues to use the standard low cost thermostat but which in addition is also fitted with a re-set button thermostat in series with a rod thermostat.

The advantage of the 'BACKERSAFE' system is that it is proven technologyapproved by BEAB to the new requirement of EN 60335-2-73 using standard components. In the event of the primary thermostat failing, a low cost replacement can be fitted and the secondary protection device re-set without the risk of the repairer rendering the system unsafe by removing the additional safety protection.

The 'Backersafe' Immersion heaters are manufactured in a full range of sheath material including copper, incoloy 800, incoloy 825 and titanium to suit the varying water conditions around the country.

Manufactured to BS EN 60335-2-73.

All 'Backersafe' Immersion Heaters come complete with standard 15amp rod thermostat and have a secondary re-set button thermostat fitted. All elements are rated at 3kW but special lengths, wattages and voltages can be produced to specific order if required.
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